sneak peak

Do any of you get crazy when your pregnant? Do any of you know you are pregnant by some crazy symptoms before you even take a test? Well folks I am here to tell you all the craziness in me comes out when I am pregnant! 

See, I get this urge to reupholster. Yep, thats right reupholster furniture. This is my third pregnancy and my 4th reupholstery job, all reupholstering done in my third trimester thank you. The urge begins very early (this time even before I knew I was pregnant) and it festers in me until my third trimester I feel like the baby cannot come out until I have reupholstered! Why is this crazy? Because who in there right mind would pull staples out and take apart furniture on their hands and knees when they are about to have a baby? Crazy…

So at 36 weeks pregnant here I am reupholstering our couch (for the second time). So I am going to give you a little sneak peak, and save all the gory details of reupholstering for my final reveal! 

Here is the before


and the sneak peak….


oh stripes, how I love thee...

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