My little man has been down with a fever all day. The first sign that this little kiddo is sick is that he sleeps. Sleep is not his favorite past time, so when he falls asleep in the middle of the day I know he's not feeling well. Every mom has a different things they do to help their little ones feel better and this is my remedy:

Elder Blackberry  - an immune booster to help fight the bug

Hylands cough remedy- helps break up a cough and congestion 

Popsicles - keeps kiddo hydrated, and happy :)

Water- and lots of it, this was my  mom's remedy and I'm keeping the tradition! 

And the most important remedy, sleep. I'm not a big fan of tylenol for many reasons, but my biggest reason is it makes my kids think they are feeling better and than they don't rest, which just leads to more sickness. No Tylenol = my kids sleep. Some kiddos can't rest without it, but my kids can't rest with it...

Oh, I almost forgot my favorite remedy! Lots of cuddle time and books. Pax loves to cuddle when he is sick, so I take advantage of that all I can ;) 

What is your remedy when you or a loved one is sick?