Luca's Birth

To Our Little Luca,


You were one week overdue. 

Nana came in to town just in time for me to go into labor ( Pax and Aila were busy playing while you worked hard to get to see them)

You decided it was time to come just as I was about to go to bed.

I had a wonderful team of support; they were our team of Angels working together to help me and you get through this.

My midwife greeted us at the birth center about 1 am and everyone was happy in a very reverent sort of way.  

Shortly after we arrived I got into the tub and was in the zone. Some call this Labor land. It was hard work and all I could do was listen to my voice moan and groan in a rhythmic pattern.  

I started to cry. Alisa, my midwife said I was in transition, but I didn't believe her…until she checked me and I was relieved to find out I was  9 cm ( that meant we were almost done)! 

Soon after, I felt I needed to push. With the feeling to push came the most intense siatic nerve pain all down my leg. The pain would not stop and it hurt worse than the contractions. I started to panic, this was the part that just got crazy. It felt like forever but it was really only 30 minutes of the most intense pain before I felt your little head, took a deep breath and pulled you out.

I got to put your sweet warm body on mine. I looked down at you and saw that you were my baby boy. I felt like I knew it all along and that you were finally here, in my arms. You were so sweet and nursed right away. 

We slept and nursed all day at the birth center, and than came home in the evening to greet your brother and sister, who were so happy to see you. 

Everyone said you look just like Pax. 

We named you Luca Carlos.

Luca means bringer of light. You most certainly have brought rays of light into our lives.

Love you little Luca.

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