My littles

Pax and Aila, the day after she was born. 

Pax and Aila, the day after she was born. 

Yikes! You would have thought I had the baby with my little leave of absence, but no... 8 days to go and I'm thinking this little one might just take all those 8 days to come. Its funny this third time around I am not as anxious as I was before to get baby out. I am just as excited with butterflies in my tummy to meet this one and hold it in my arms instead of my belly, but I am not desperate to have baby out like before. This baby can take its time, and thats just fine. I always have a lengthy to do list, and the more I can get done before baby comes, the better. 

One of the things I day dream about when this little one comes is how Aila and Pax will take it all in. Pax has definitely stepped into his Big brother role and I imagine he will enjoy it even more with another little one around. Yesterday he hugged my belly and said, "baby, I love you" he is such a sweet little guy.  I imagine Aila will be very motherly towards the baby as she is with her stuffed animals and baby dolls….no doubt she will think the baby is her doll, but I hope I can hang on to the cuteness of it all. It will be just as exciting for the kids as it will be for us and I am writing this now to remind me to relax and enjoy this time special time in our life. 

So when you are ready little one, we are here ready for you. And don't rush to come,  because I would still like to paint the kitchen...

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