The third time around

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This past weekend my fabulous friends through me a baby shower! ( I am so sad I forgot to bring the camera!) I feel totally spoiled, especially since this is my third baby! It was so wonderful to be around a group of women that I feel supported by and are excited as I am for our little bundle of joy to come into this world. Mark has taken pictures of me with each pregnancy about the last month before I am due. I thought it would be fun to compare baby bumps from all three-

2013March-Maternity post.jpg
2013March-Maternity post1.jpg
2013March-Maternity post3.jpg

What is it with me and hands on the belly? After the first couple of shots I realized that I was looking a little too cheesy, so I tried not to put my hands on the belly...they ended up on my back! :) (The first is small because our hard drive crashed a couple years ago and the original was on that hard drive  :( bummer I know…but I am happy that at least we still have a copy.)

This pictures make me laugh because it screams "I am a pregnant woman!" boobs and bump, and hand on the back ;) 

2013March-Maternity post4.jpg

And this next set is so sweet and motherly, I love what Mark captures on camera. 

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2013March-Maternity post5.jpg

So far this pregnancy has been my easiest I think. There was a rough beginning, as with the others, but I haven't started feeling really uncomfortable until now. 

We are waiting to find out if this is a girl or a boy this time. Lots of strangers have come up to me and told me what they thought I was having based on the looks of my belly, which just makes me laugh. So far it's been a 50/50 prediction. So I am curious as to what you think, is baby #3 a girl or a boy?

Can't wait to find out soon!


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