Here it is

As Promised, here it is

2013March-Here it is1.jpg

I love it. It is so nautical. Which I love, because I am obsessed with the ocean.

But all I have been saying since I finished is, "I will never do that again!" Reupholstering is hard work, especially  reupholstering a large couch. I am self taught sewer with zero patience for pinning. This means I have to redo things a million times before I get it right, very frustrating. 

2013March-Here it is2.jpg
2013March-Here it is3.jpg

Actually I still have more reupholstery jobs to do around the house, which I intend on doing, what I meant to say is,  " I will never sew a cushion again!" That was the most frustrating part. Since this is the 4th time I have done this I have a little experience, but I am no professional. So although I would like to give a tutorial, I am just going to leave with you some tips I've learned along the way and leave the rest up to the pros...

- Borrow or invest in a good stapler. My hand just can't handle a hand stapler. For little projects this may work fine, but for large or multiple projects it will save you a lot of grief and pain to have a good stapler. 

- Buy inexpensive fabric. If you make a mistake you don't want to be bummed at all the money you spent on fabric only to have it not work out. You can still find nice looking fabric at a decent price. I use a lot. They have free returns, great sales, and the best prices. I never pay more than $20 a yard for fabric. 

- Buy extra fabric- you always need it!

- Convince a friend to help you do it. This is such a long and hard process, it really helps to have someone helping you do it.

Now unto the next project...

just for fun