I ♥ the Oregon Coast


The last place we visited on our month long vacation this summer was the ocean. I love everything about the ocean. There is something so freeing to my soul when I am near the salty water.

Almost every year as a kid we would visit the Oregon Coast, and it was usually in March. March in Texas is lovely, March in Oregon is brutal. But when I am near the ocean the weather just doesn't matter to me. It could be so windy and cold and rainy, and yet I still love being there smelling the sea. Sometimes, if your lucky, a foggy mist rolls in and the wind is still and everything is just so serene.  I love looking for sea shells and heart shaped rocks. I love the way the sand gets everywhere in places you forgot existed. I love hearing the seagulls, and hunting for sea stars. We fly kites, and just as quickly break those kites. The rhythm of the tides moving in and out just set my soul at peace.

In Oregon, the dense green Redwoods meet the ocean and there is just nothing as lovely as seeing the deep green against the grays.  I'm not an elequent writer, but I can express things visually.  I am so grateful that I married such a talented man who can capture moments for our family visually as well. 

I hope this video can more accurately portray my love for this beautiful place, and my love for the beautiful family that I get to share it with.  


Also- just wanted to let our friends here in Texas know that Mark is doing a Holiday portrait special, you can go to his site to find out more info! markwarnick.com