I'm back


I'm back! And not with a birth story….Truth be told I had one of those 5th grade the dog ate my homework experiences with writing that post. Truly, I lost the doc 3 times…it was after the third time that I gave up on it all together until Mark really encouraged (bugged the crud out of me) to start posting again with or without the birth story. So although I have something planned in the future to show for Luca's birth story, I'm going to keep on bloggin' about life as I intended to do in the first place!

Now on to the good stuff. My baby is 5 months old!!! yikes, time is flying as fast as my saggy eyes, and other saggy unmentionables become wrinkly old. Seriously, babies are hard work. But boy oh boy is my baby the cutest stuff on earth. He is such a happy social little thing. He is totally enamored with his big bro and sis, and isn't shy at smiling at anyone and everyone. Such a charmer. Pax and Aila are doing so good too. Preschool has started (hallelujah ) and I'm loving the start of a somewhat routine again. 

This summer we flew all the way to Oregon and visited with lots of family. First stop was a reunion with my fam. We had such a wonderful time with everyone, Pax and Aila adore their cousins. Mark shot some video of everyone together and put it in a dandy little video for everyone to enjoy! 

P.S. I finally graduated college! yessssss! You can call me Dr. Anita, isn't that the title you get after 10 years of school? 

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